Week 3 – Muscle 3: Harnessing Audience Attention
January 17, 2018
Week 5 – Muscle 5: Beginning with the End User
January 30, 2018
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Week 4 – Muscle 4: Making Action Your Ultimate Metric of Success

Why do it? Great business storytelling drives some kind of change or action. It’s notabout what you say, it’s about what your audience hears and then does as a result that really counts.

Exercise your action muscles! Include a call-to- action in whatever you’re communicating. Ask people to sign-up with their email for an ebook or subscribe to a newsletter. The core of business communication isn’t only to create content but to build an audience as well. The surest way to know if you’re reaching and building your audience is action.

You’re on your way to solving the single biggest problem in communication: the illusion that it has taken place!

SOURCE: George Orwell quote

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