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May 3, 2018
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Make Action Your Ultimate Metric

400 tech conference speakers were recently surveyed about how they prepared their presentation slide decks. The findings were put together in a great infograph that you can find here. Speakers were asked questions about the prep time they put into developing their decks, how much text they used versus visuals, and whether they thought their decks were effective.

But here’s the question that caught my attention. In fact, it was the first question that was asked: what was the main goal they were trying to achieve with their slide deck? Nearly half said their main goal was to summarize complex information so that it would be easier to digest.

No one said their goal was to move their audience to take some kind of action.

Why is this a problem? It’s a problem because you don’t want your audience leaving your presentation saying “that was a good summary of some really complex material that was easy to digest.”

You want your audience leaving your presentation prepared to do something, to take some kind of action, to think differently about an issue. But that seems like a high bar – one that you’d associate perhaps with a big speech on a big platform, right?

Well, not necessarily. What if your audience is your team of 20 people and your presentation is about setting performance goals for the next quarter? You could just summarize the expectations and make your points easy to digest, right? But giving a good summary isn’t your goal. Your goal is to get your team to achieve – even exceed – their performance expectations.

People don’t remember summaries.

They’re not inspired by them either. People respond to calls to action and even better, calls to action that are wrapped in a story. To learn more about how to make action your ultimate metric, check out my course on how to Elevate Your Public Speaking By Building Your Storytelling Muscles.

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