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Full disclosure. I've never really enjoyed cooking. But when our twins surpassed that age of eating cheerios for dinner at 5PM while my husband and I dined later in front of Netflix (no judgment, please), I began getting requests from them for regular "family feasts." Truth be told, I can't say that I have ever created a feast. But to our young kids—a casserole, two candles on the table, background music and uninterrupted conversation with Mom and Dad totally constitutes a "feast!" Up until now, we managed to squeeze in this golden family time about three or four nights per week. We somehow wedged it in amongst basketball practice, ballet, laundry, school work, laundry, running a business, paying bills, laundry, committee meetings and...well, laundry.  

April 11, 2020  | 2 min read

Lisa-Marie Hatcher

Bare Cupboard Cooking

Making the Most of What's In Your Pantry While Staying Home and Staying Safe

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But now, everything has changed.  Like everyone else, we're staying put. The four of us are home eating three meals a day together. Grocery shopping has become challenging to say the least and yet, despite these changes in circumstances, I have not been relieved of the "feast" expectation. Nor do I want to be. "What's for lunch (or dinner)?" is now answered with "its a surprise!"

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To say I've had to become creative with the spice rack and pantry items is an understatement.  And I know I'm not alone. So, over the past few weeks, I have jotted down rough recipes of what I've "thrown together" in hopes it might help you out when you get stuck.  Note that due to allergies in our family, all recipes are tree-nut-free, peanut-free, soy-free, and sesame-free.  Try them out and experiment with your own adaptations. And if you have some recipes to share, email them to me at [email protected] In the meanwhile, stay home, stay safe, stay well.