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Douglass Hatcher, August 6 2020

Create a Kindle App Quoteboard in Seconds


As you can imagine, Kindle ebook sales have seen a marked boost since the start of the coronavirus. So, it occurred to us, now might be a good time to share a quoteboard hack we recently stumbled upon. A quoteboard is simply a visual way to share a quote. Here's an example:

This customized quoteboard took us about 20 minutes to create from scratch. However, there's an equally-appealing option that would have taken only seconds. Our goal in this blogpost is to walk you through a no-muss, no-fuss hack for creating and posting a quoteboard from an ebook, using your Kindle App.

DISCLAIMER:  this hack won’t be useful for everyone. Some people use an actual Kindle and this hack isn’t available on Kindles. It currently only works on the Kindle App and requires later versions of iPhones and Androids.

Let’s say you’re reading an ebook on your Kindle App. You come across a quote that you want to share with your social network. Normally, you'd have to highlight the quote, copy it, open a tool like Canva, and find the right format, depending on the social channel.

You paste in your quote. But maybe the font color doesn’t work, so you have to change that. Or maybe the font size is too large, so you have to change that, too. And now that you think of it, maybe a different background image would work better. Before you know it, 20-25 minutes have gone by and you haven’t even thought about the hashtags you want to use.

But it doesn't have to be like that.

What if you could simply highlight the quote, press the share button, and "poof" your quote is formatted, sourced, and ready for sharing? What if you also had a choice of 9 different backgrounds for your quote?

Sounds great, right? We'll walk you through each step of a great hack. For our example, we'll use a quote cited in the book, Wired for Story by Lisa Cron.

Here’s the quote: “stories allow us to simulate intense experiences without actually having to live through them.”

Let's get started with our quoteboard hack.

Step #1: Open your Kindle App on your iPhone or Android.

Step #2: Select the book from your library that you want to quote. Find the quote and highlight it.

Step #3: Click on your highlight. You’ll see a bar at the top with options. 

Choose the share button (circled in red below) which is second from the right, next to the search function.

Step #4: You’ll see your highlight formatted on a number of quoteboards with different fonts, colors, and backgrounds for you to choose from. 

The default one is white. At the bottom, you’ll see other choices.

Step #5: Once you find the formatted version you want, click on it, then hit the share button at the top right of your phone (circled in red below).

Step #6: Swipe left over to the social media channels where you want to post your quoteboard.  

(The share functionality works on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Pinterest works as well.) Click on the social media channel where you want to post your board. Write your message plus your hashtags, hit share, and post.

Step #7: The image quote option (which is what comes up in the steps above) does NOT currently work on LinkedIn. 

But here's a work around. Click on the text quote link (underlined in red below), highlight the entire quote and link at the bottom, copy it, hit share, and you'll find it already posted ready to share on LinkedIn.

All the above steps help you share quotes from ebooks that others have written. But what if you’re an author and you have a book that’s available on Amazon via the Kindle App? If so, you have some pretty cool ways to promote your book with quotebaords. Here's a self-serving example from our book, Win With Decency:

But here's an important note: you have to own an actual Kindle App version of your book for the image and text quote functionality to work. In other words, a PDF version that you've imported onto you Kindle App won't do the trick. You have to buy your own book. There's more.

Look at the text quote below.

You'll see a link at the very end (underlined in blue above). Once it's pasted on a social channel, it becomes a live, clickable link that takes you to the book source on Amazon. But in this case, it's YOUR book that we're talking about. And that link is not only a live link that works on your quoteboard, it's a link that you can use anywhere you’re able to paste it.

There's an additional benefit to having this link to your book.  Let’s say you have an image of your book (as we do) on your website but you don’t have a way for people to buy it (at least not yet). Link your image or text to your book's Amazon Kindle link and voila, your book is for sale on your site.

That's it: a no-muss, no-fuss way to create and post a quoteboard in seconds, using your Kindle App.

All of the above is super easy, but if you find you need some guidance or have questions, please feel free to ask us. Message us on LinkedIn or DM us on Instagram or email us at [email protected]  

Happy quoteboarding!!

Written by

Douglass Hatcher


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