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26 Storytelling Tips!

communicate4IMPACT, April 27 2021

The 3 StoryHacks You Need to Create Better Content Faster

Many businesses struggle to create quality content quickly and consistently, often in response to changing environments. According to a HubSpot/Canva survey of executive marketers, "the main issues to reacting at speed are developing unique, creative content at a fast pace and adapting quickly to trends."

But there's a secret to writing better content faster. 

And that secret is a "StoryHack." A StoryHack is a short-cut you have in your back pocket that can help you get out of practically any communications jam. 

There are 3 Storyhacks you can use to apply structure to your content. 

StoryHack No. 1 helps you get unstuck even when you have writer's block. 

StoryHack No. 2 helps you find the right words, even if you freeze up in public or the teleprompter goes out.

StoryHack No. 3 helps you nail your next, high-stakes pitch, presentation, or speech, even if you feel overwhelmed. 

By applying structure to your content creation, you'll be able to produce better content faster that achieves the results you want.  To learn how to use all three StoryHacks, register below for our next workshop. Seats are going fast!

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