75 percent of us tune out a presentation after one minute if it doesn't have a clear direction.

What if the person tuning you out is your Employee?


Curiously strong stats   |  Even better shared

SOURCE: Brief Lab

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One of the under-reported stories of disruption over the past year IMHO is in the image/photo space.  I remember when I first began searching for images to use in presentations for storytelling workshops as well as for our website. There were the usual suspects and the usual costs that came with them:  think Getty and iStock which is part of Getty.  Don't get me wrong, Getty is fantastic, the gold standard.  But you can run up costs pretty fast.  

Image Credit:  Pixabay

In this post, I want to share three platforms with you that I can't live without. Each has stunning visuals and they're completely FREE! Now, I realize there are tons of other hi-quality, free image sites out there.  As you scroll through this post, think about any free image platforms that are your go-tos. LMK know what they are and we'll compare notes!

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