75 percent of us tune out a presentation after one minute if it doesn't have a clear direction.

What if the person tuning you out is your Employee?


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SOURCE: Brief Lab

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And no, it wasn’t from my mom!  It wasn’t a reminder from my dentist for a six-month check-up, either.  It was a personal, handwritten postcard from the founders and a team member of a company called Atomic.

Here’s the back story on how I came to receive this postcard from three strangers. This past fall, I googled the best books on content marketing. I noted several titles that looked good.  I then went to Amazon to see which books had 5 stars and glowing reviews. One book stood out.  It was called Content Mavericks.  I bought it, I read it, I highlighted it. It was super practical, super generous, and super good.

You Had Me at You're Awesome!

I got this postcard in the mail the other day.  

The authors are two down-to-earth, infectiously-fun British entrepreneurs, who not only have a great book but also a great community and following. For a $37 monthly subscription (or an upfront annual fee at a discount) their website is a phenomenal resource for learning how to crush your content marketing. Honestly, if you simply read their book and take advantage of their website subscription, you will move the needle toward your goals.

Back to the back story.  I decided to join the site, well aware of the incredible potential that it held.  

A month had gone by and I wasn't maximizing my membership.  I knew the Atomic website had great content.  But I wasn't making the time.  It’s kind of like that gym you join. You’re hooked into a monthly auto-renewal membership. You think subconsciously that as your bank account gets dinged, you magically lose an inch off your waistline!  But obviously, you have to put in the work.

Then two things happened.  As a monthly subscriber, I learned that Andrew and Pete, the founders, had scheduled a full-day online conference, using Facebook Live and Zoom. Despite the time-zone difference, I made sure I participated. And I am so glad I did. They rocked it.  There were no gaps between their brand on their book page, their brand on their website, or their brand live on Facebook. These guys are authentic.  And by that I mean, they're true to their brand across platforms, channels, and media.  These guys have it down. They keep it real.

The second thing that happened was the postcard I mentioned earlier. Why is this postcard such a big deal?  First, I didn’t expect it.  Second, I didn’t expect to receive something via snail mail from across the pond. Third, it was personal. We hear again and again that technology is ushering in an era of personalization – an era where you can target your customers in increasingly personal and specific ways.  

Here’s the takeaway. Great business storytelling doesn’t stop once a story is told. Great business storytelling inspires others to tell great stories about you and your brand. I still have more I can do to maximize all the opportunities that Atomic offers.  But it’s all there, ripe for the picking.

JUST SO YOU KNOW: I’ve entered into an affiliate relationship with Atomic, so I get a cut if you join their site.  Truth be told, I’d be writing this blog post regardless – as I’m so impressed with these guys.

Personal postcard from a company called Atomic.
Postcard from company called Atomic.

Image Credit:  Atomic

How to Inspire Your Customers to Tell Great Stories About Your Brand

But I had a problem.

I mentioned that there was a handwritten note on the back. Here it is below. It basically says it's great to have me on board.  But it says that in their voice with an enthusiasm that's true to their brand. Because of that, Atomic’s brand story is not just told by them but by fans like me.

The advent of technology like 5G will make the promise of this era an even greater reality. And content marketing leaders like Atomic – its founders and team members – will be even more important as they remind us of what's truly personal.  They remind us of the opportunities all of us have to put the personal in personalization. They remind us of the dividends that can come when you humanize your brand.

Image Credit:  Atomic