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26 Storytelling Tips!

Business Storytelling

Business Storytelling

Yeah, I'm Thankful. Scratch that Baby, I'm Grateful.

communicate4IMPACT, November 21 2021

IMAGE SOURCE: March 1959 Ad created by David Ogilvy What comes to your mind when you hear the word gratitude? Probably things like being appreciative or not taking things for granted. Here’s a dictionary definition of gratitude: “the quality of being grateful.” In this brief Thanksgiving post, we’ll show you how gratitude plays a key role in busine...

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Happy Birthday, George Washington!

Douglass Hatcher, February 22 2021

It was a year ago this month that Lisa-Marie Hatcher (my wife, co-founder, and co-author) and I published our first book, Win With Decency: How to Use Your Better Angels for Better Business. We take five human qualities that we generally associate with being a better person and show you how to transform those qualities into business skills that cr...

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Business Storytelling

Why Leadership Storytelling Matters

Douglass Hatcher, December 8 2020

Few tools humanize your company, brand, or products more than leadership storytelling. Done well, this key communications tool can breathe new life across your enterprise, creating emotional bonds within your teams as well as with your customers, establishing trust and credibility, and simplifying complex information. In this post, we’ll briefly to...

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Business Storytelling

How to Leverage Storytelling to Increase Your Conversions

C4I, August 10 2020

Storytelling has become a powerful approach to leadership, innovation, and design thinking. Stories can be a “superpower” that can help us achieve wonders. Storytelling is a proven method to transform a brand’s presence and identity. It can assist you in shaping how people view your brand, allowing you to connect with your target audience in bette...

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Business Storytelling

What is Business Storytelling?

Lisa-Marie Hatcher, August 10 2020

In a world buzzing with new businesses every day, standing out with your business idea is not an easy task. It's becoming increasingly critical to bring in that human touch that helps you build a connection with your audience—a connection that is established, not just with your products and services but with the idea of your company—a story that re...

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Can Storytelling Help 5G Security?

Douglass Hatcher, August 7 2020

Last year, The New York Times ran an Op-Ed entitled: If 5G is So Important, Why Isn’t It Secure? The author is Tom Wheeler, former FCC Chairman. Wheeler argues that we have an opportunity to build out a 5G infrastructure with today's knowledge and concerns about cybersecurity threats – and to do so as a forethought, not as an afterthought. But as W...

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9 Ways to Storify Your Next Event

Douglass Hatcher, August 6 2020

Yes, the events world has changed completely, from one that was largely in-person to one that is now almost exclusively online. But while the logistics and machinations have changed from on-the-ground challenges to virtual ones, below we focus on 9 things that will stay pretty much the same because they are more emotional than logistical, more huma...

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Business Storytelling

Why Business Storytelling Matters

Lisa-Marie Hatcher, August 5 2020

Storytelling is a powerful business tool and a skill that every business building a powerful and lasting brand should master. We have been telling stories for as long as we’ve been human–they are an essential part of our day-to-day communications. When done well, storytelling can do wonders for a business: such as turn a brand into a legacy, create...

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