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Origin Story Creation


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Why You Need It

One of your most important and likely underused assets is your company's origin story. This asset is foundational to why you exist as an enterprise, whether you're a Fortune 500 global multi-national, solo-preneur, or anything in-between. Think of your origin story as the ultimate calling card.

A great origin story introduces you in a relatable way to a prospective client or a potential customer. Here are just some of the applications for a great origin story:

  • Onboarding new employees

  • Pitching investors

  • Scripting recruitment videos

  • Boosting workforce morale

  • Marking big milestone anniversaries

  • Aligning messaging

How You Get It

We can help your business share its story. To get content for this work, we provide you with a questionnaire.

After reviewing the responses, we would then conduct an interview with the person who can speak best to your company's origins. This person is typically your founder, CEO, or president.

Based on questionnaire answers and the interview, we would then provide one (or two drafts if needed) of your origin story for your review before delivering the final products. The two products would include:

  • Your origin story

  • 15-second elevator pitch

Both would be delivered approximately 14 days after the interview.

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