Douglass Hatcher

While working at a Fortune 500 company, I was asked to provide storytelling training. I was happy to do that, but… storytelling?

I wasn’t quite sure how storytelling meshed with a global multinational. Boy, did I have a lot to learn. I did some research. I did a lot of reading. I Googled everything I could think of. I began to see the connection — an indispensable connection — between storytelling and business. It’s a connection that’s only going to intensify with the explosion of data coming with the roll out of 5G. I’ve since become — let’s be honest — obsessed with storytelling in a business context. I wanted to be able to offer my insights to you.

This is ours.

Everybody has a story, every business has a story.

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Lisa-Marie Hatcher

I’ve always been drawn to jobs that involve the use of language and creativity to persuade others.

Throughout my career, I’ve been giving marketing and sales presentations in some capacity in both public and private sectors. Those roles ranged from preparing global U.S. Army budget reports for review by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to developing global account presentations for a Fortune 500 company to promoting various products in one-on-one sales pitches. In every position, I was using data and information to persuade people to take some kind of action, long before the term “business storytelling” was a coined phrase. As co-founder of communicate4IMPACT, I’m using all those experiences on both the operational and creative sides of our business. But most importantly, I’m getting to use those experiences to help others achieve success through the art and science of business storytelling.

Lisa-Marie Hatcher

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Douglass Hatcher
Co-Founder | Instructor

Douglass is one of the most talented storytellers, speechwriters and communications strategists in the field. I highly recommend communicate4MPACT.

Pete Weissman

Nearly half of those surveyed by the presentation company Prezi said that they’ve become more selective about the content they consume.

What if your content isn’t making the cut?


Curiously strong stats   |  Even better shared

SOURCE: Prezi  |  State of Attention, 2018