Douglass's presentation was dynamic and captivating and he worked with the group with charisma and enthusiasm.

Sydney Ransom, Event Specialist

Storytelling is his greatest strength and through the workshops and the skills developed from them, he can transform your communication too.

Flor Estevez

This combination doesn't come often and is worth more than he will charge, I guarantee it.

Jay Mandel

Douglass worked with our Young Professionals group on storytelling skills during a month of workshops for our corporate employees.

Lauren Ottulich

Douglass is one of the most talented storytellers, speechwriters and communications strategists in the field. I highly recommend communicate4MPACT.

Pete Weissman

Rare is the storyteller willing to reveal his secrets. Douglass is that and more.

Brian Pittman

By far, my business communications are more concise and compelling when I use the techniques that communicate4MPACT teaches.

Greg Garland

Douglass is a brilliant storyteller and storytelling coach. It was thrilling to participate in one of his sessions, watching the a-ha moments of each participant - and, in turn, experiencing my own.

Maureen Graney

Douglass is engaging and offers practical advice on how to put this all to work to gain a greater share of attention from your audience.

Charles Silvestro

Fantastic training.  Storytelling is critical for success in business. This is the first time I'm seeing, in a relatively short time, a comprehensive and powerful tool to implement immediately.

Carlos Cornejo

This course is days of training packaged into one hour that can truly change your life. I highly recommend the course!

Soo Mentor