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Top Resources for Business Communicators

Different Ways You Can Learn about Business Storytelling

Our coaching and resources revolve around three story structures that we call StoryHacks. These StoryHacks are designed to take the complexity out of storytelling. They're based on the same narrative structures used by Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, and Tony award winners. Our StoryHacks help you connect with the audiences you want to reach, capture their attention, and then convert that attention into the action you want. Click on an image below to supercharge your business storytelling.

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More Like a Book Club than Night School

The founders of Chapter want to make learning fun and accessible for everyone, and we do, too.

We like the lack of hassle for learners along with reasonable price points.

We love evangelizing the power of storytelling and with that comes sharing some super awesome, handpicked content.

When you take our course on Chapter, you're part of a cohort, a real community of learners you can engage with. We invite you to start a new chapter with us!

A New Digital Platform for Those Who Want to Learn Online in Cohorts

Privately or with your group, you're just one virtual workshop away from having 3 easy-to-recall, easy-to-apply StoryHacks in your back pocket to help you get out of practically any communications jam.  

  • StoryHack #1 helps you get unstuck, even if you have writer's block.
  • StoryHack #2 helps you find the right words, even if you freeze up in public or the teleprompter goes out.
  • StoryHack #3 helps you nail a high-stakes speech, presentation, or pitch, even if you feel overwhelmed.


3 StoryHacks in 3 Hours

Business Storytelling for Impact

The Workshop