Stand Out From The Herd

We offer storytelling training to businesses and organizations like yours to help you stand out from the herd. Our interactive workshops will help you unleash the power of storytelling so that your messages can cut through the noise, reach your audiences, and move them to act.

We offer in-person storytelling workshops as well as webinars via Geniecast for anyone who wants to build their storytelling muscles.



  • “I thought the workshop was unique, fun, and extremely helpful.  Ever since, I’ve been working hard to incorporate storytelling into my day-to-day and it really makes a huge difference.”
  • “Hatcher’s storytelling session was really helpful. I’ve been at the storytelling game a while and not only did he hit key points home that I already knew but he also illuminated underlying storytelling tips as it applies to everyday business. The session was casual, friendly and his deck was, by far, the most interesting un-Power Point-like I’ve ever seen. I’d recommend this session to anyone who wants to convey a message using the toolkit of story. Good stuff. I’d easily take it again.”
  • “Douglass Hatcher has developed a simple, practical curriculum with tools and in-class activity to use when communicating via social media, email, and presentations. Our business is complicated and the storytelling session showed us how to simplify the message and sell the business effectively.   All levels and business functions need to take this.”

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