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75 percent of us tune out a presentation after one minute if it doesn't have a clear direction.

What if the person tuning you out is your Employee?


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We offer in-person storytelling workshops as well as webinars via Geniecast for anyone who wants to build their storytelling muscles.

We offer storytelling training to businesses and organizations like yours to help you stand out from the herd. Our interactive workshops will help you unleash the power of storytelling so that your messages can cut through the noise, reach your audiences, and move them to act.

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In this highly-interactive session, you’ll learn how to make things matter to the audiences you want to reach and how to move those audiences to take the actions you want.

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Storytelling & TED Secrets

In this 1-hour interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to use storytelling tools and techniques to create TED-Style Talks that connect, convince, and convert.

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Life's a pitch

In this 1-hour workshop, you’ll participate in fun-filled exercises that teach you how to use storytelling to pitch and persuade in your everyday interactions.  

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I thought the workshop was unique, fun, and extremely helpful. Ever since, I've been working hard to incorporate storytelling into my day-to-day and it really makes a huge difference.

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Stand Out with Business Storytelling

As human beings, we're wired for story. But too often we're not wired for story in business.

That's a problem. Why?

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