Stand Out with Business Storytelling

What you can expect to learn in our half-day workshop:

  • Gain insight into the neuroscience behind storytelling.
  • Begin to future-proof your career by learning how to make data count.
  • Discover the most important trait you need to captivate your audience.
  • Master the tactics for grabbing and keeping audience attention.
  • Make action your ultimate metric.


As human beings, we're wired for story. But too often we're not wired for story in business. That's a problem. Why? Because business storytelling is the single, most effective discipline for making things matter and moving people to act. Some have even called it the most unfair competitive advantage in business today.

 Storytelling is not only a key competitive advantage for businesses, it's also a key competitive advantage for your professional development. In fact, if you want to get to the next level in your career, your best solution is business storytelling.


The program uses a mix of slides with powerful visuals, numerous interactive exercises, as well as lots of give and take to examine why storytelling matters in business, what makes storytelling so effective when it comes to audience, attention, and action, and how you can use storytelling techniques in ways that are practical and immediately applicable. The workshop environment is inclusive, highly engaging, provocative, and fun. ‍We begin with coffee and pastries, build in a 10-minute break, and conclude at noon.

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Fifty-five percent of business professionals say a great story captures their focus and keeps them engaged with content.

What if your content is long on information but short on story?


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Storytelling is his greatest strength and through the workshops and the skills developed from them, he can transform your communication too.

Flor Estevez, PR Pro |  Former Colleague


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