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StoryHack Your Way to Better Engagement in Just 3 Hours


Structure your messages, so more audiences engage with your brand.

You'll learn narrative structures that take the complexity out of storytellingthe same narrative structures used by Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, and Tony award winners.  We call these structures StoryHacks and we have 3 of them. Our 3 StoryHacks help you connect with the audiences you want to reach, capture their attention, and then convert that attention into the action you want.  

Business Storytelling for Impact Training Series

StoryHack #1 helps you get unstuck, even if you have writer's block.

StoryHack #2 helps you find the right words, even if you freeze up in public or the teleprompter goes out.

StoryHack #3 helps you nail your next high-stakes pitch, presentation, or speech, even if you feel overwhelmed.

Connect, Captivate, and Convert with these 3 Simple StoryHacks.

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StoryHack #1 helps you turn words that tell—into stories that sell—in 3 easy steps.Learn how to tell a story instead of listing a sequence of events. Discover the one word you need in your vocabulary to signal a change or a turn in your story, so that you can hold your audience’s attention and then inspire them to take the action you want.

I Want to Learn StoryHack #1

StoryHack #2 helps you think fast and speak well under pressure in 3 easy steps.

Speak off the cuff with confidence and skill in practically any public situation, applying a simple 3-part story structure. Use cases include: media interviews, fireside chats, job interviews, panels, team meetings, etc.

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StoryHack #3 helps you win hearts and minds to persuade audiences to get on board with your new idea, plan, or initiative.

Cut the time it takes to form your thoughts into a well-structured outline for your next big pitch or presentation. Lower your anxiety level about whether what you’re going to say will work or not by using an industry-tested story structure. Feel polished and poised knowing you’ve just drafted a solid script that will win hearts and minds.

I Want to Learn StoryHack #3

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communicate4IMPACT LIVE is our LinkedIn Live program that's dedicated to sharing stories and making connections. In this first episode, we interview Charlie Silvestro, founder and president of PNI Therapeutics, a New York-based digital therapeutics firm.

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Win with decency. Because the greatest competitive advantage in business isn't our technology but rather our humanity.

Rooted in business storytelling, our book shows you how to transform the five human qualities of humility, empathy, vulnerability, gratitude and generosity into the Win With Decency skills you need to lead and succeed in the 2020s and beyond. Check out our article on winning with decency in Chief Learning Officer magazine.

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Check out our podcast interview with Mark Bayer, host of When Science Speaks. In this week's episode, we explore a range of topics related to the power and structure of effective storytelling, especially when it comes to science and data.

Tune in to our podcast appearances.

Douglass had a blast talking with business coach and podcaster, Jon Dwoskin, on THINK Business LIVE about the importance of storytelling, from structure to vulnerability.

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