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amazing things happen.

When business and storytelling come together,

This is the logo for the business storytelling firm, communicate4IMPACT.  The logo combines a quote symbol and a signal symbol.

At first glance, business and storytelling don't seem to go together.  But what if we told you storytelling is the key to getting your customers to care about your products and pay attention to your content?  

Director James Cameron used storytelling to pitch the film, Titanic, not as a luxury ocean liner that hits an iceberg, but as

Romeo & Juliet on a doomed ship.

Steve Jobs used storytelling when he launched the iPod, not as an MP3 player with 5 gigabytes of memory, but as

a thousand songs in your pocket.

You can too.

James Cameron and Steve Jobs knew how to do it.

Intrigued but, not sold?

Here's how our workshops can work for you.

You'll be challenged to reorient your thinking about how to connect with the audiences you want to reach and communicate for impact to get the results you want. That communication could be in the form of a powerpoint presentation to an external audience, an annual review with your boss, a set of quarterly sales expectations to share with your team, a client pitch you're putting together to win more business, or a series of social media posts to boost a campaign.

In each scenario, there's an audience you want to reach, attention you want to grab and keep, and action you want to inspire. No discipline does that better than business storytelling. With our approach, you'll learn the building blocks of story structure as well as the principles behind effective business storytelling: why to use them, how to use them, and when to use them.

Douglass's presentation was dynamic and captivating and he worked with the group with charisma and enthusiasm.

Sydney Ransom, Event Specialist

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Storytelling for Business Results

Move people to take the action you want.

Online workshops include:

Udemy eCourse

1 hour on-demand video

16 downloadable resources

Full lifetime access

Access on mobile and TV

Certificate of completion

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In-Person Storytelling Workshops

STANDOUT from the herd

In-person workshops include:

Learn with others

Interactive and fun

Great group exercises

Practice sessions

Limited seating

Certificate of completion