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Business Storytelling for the Way You Work

You're probably familiar with the concept of business storytelling. You may have a sense of why it's important. But you may not be sure how to do it. Our resources and coaching take the complexity out of business storytelling, so that you can connect with the audiences you want to reach, capture their attention, and then convert that attention into action.

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More Like a Book Club than Night School

The founders of Chapter want to make learning fun and accessible for everyone, and we do, too.

We like the lack of hassle for learners along with reasonable price points.

We love evangelizing the power of storytelling and with that comes sharing some super awesome, handpicked content.

When you take our course on Chapter, you're part of a cohort, a real community of learners you can engage with. We invite you to start a new chapter with us!

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Check out our podcast interview with Mark Bayer, host of When Science Speaks. In this week's episode, we explore a range of topics related to the power and structure of effective storytelling, especially when it comes to science and data.

Douglass had a blast talking with business coach and podcaster, Jon Dwoskin, on THINK Business LIVE about the importance of storytelling, from structure to vulnerability.

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