Welcome to communicate4IMPACT. We offer in-person storytelling workshops as well as webinars via Geniecast for anyone who wants to build their storytelling muscles. We believe that business storytelling is the art and science behind differentiating your brand, products and services.


Storytelling 101

When Steve Jobs launched the iPod in 2001, he could have framed it as a better, improved MP3 player. But he didn't. He used concrete language to paint a picture and stir people's imaginations. Jobs said the iPod was "a thousand songs in your pocket". This is the power of storytelling. Storytelling doesn't use industry jargon and it's not about pounding your chest. Storytelling is about creating meaning, generating interest and moving people to take the action you want.
August 9, 2018

Make Action Your Ultimate Metric

400 tech conference speakers were recently surveyed about how they prepared their presentation slide decks. The findings were put together in a great infograph that you […]

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