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Everyone in business is involved in business storytelling, whether they realize it or not. Business storytelling helps win customers and clients, differentiate brands, and energize work forces.  

At communicate4IMPACT (C4I), we help people all over the world elevate the business storytelling skills they need to achieve the results they want. We can help you, too.

Business storytelling can help you and your business stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Intro to Our Udemy eCourse

Who We've Helped and Where

Ragan Communications ∣ Washington, DC

American Language Network ∣ Morocco

Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) ∣ New York

School of International and Public Affairs ∣ Columbia University 

The CEO Communication Summit | Montreal, Québec

PR University ∣ Live Webinar

Mastering Your Executive Presence ∣ Kigali, Rwanda

Storytelling for Business Results ∣ Udemy eCourse

Founder and instructor Douglass Hatcher launched C4I after a successful career writing speeches for politicians and CEOs. To learn more about our firm, click here.