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Master the Basics of Business Storytelling, Using Our Simple But Powerful 3A Framework

Audience   Attention   Action


The Story of the 3As

Once upon a time in the 2020s, businesses found it harder than ever to stand out in a world overloaded with content and data.

Audience ● Attention ● Action

And every day, they struggled to break through the noise. And the noise was so loud, businesses found it hard to connect with the audiences they wanted to reach.

And even when they did connect, they found it difficult to capture and hold their attention. Without audience attention, there was little hope of inspiring action.

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Until one day, businesses discovered a better way to stand out and break through the noise. That better way was a proven discipline as old as time. That discipline was storytelling.

Because of storytelling, businesses reoriented their focus toward the 3As: audience, attention, and action. Businesses made their audiences the heroes, not their brands. Their marketing became more human and relatable.

And because their products were more human and relatable, businesses were able to capture and keep audience attention. Then they were able to convert that attention into the action they wanted. Audiences became customers and customers became brand ambassadors. Businesses had discovered the simplicity and power of the 3As.

Until finally, businesses weren't struggling to break through the noise. They were standing out from their competition. Their customer connections grew stronger and affinity for their brand deepened.

End the Struggle and Break Through the NoiseWith the 3As of Business Storytelling

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Training business leaders to tell better stories since 2017

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Master the Basics of Business Storytelling,Using Our Simple But Powerful 3A Framework

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  • You'll gain insight into the neuroscience behind storytelling.

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  • You'll apply the Once Upon A Time story structure to your own business.

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Training business leaders to tell better stories since 2017


Douglass Hatcher

Douglass led thought leadership and executive communications at Mastercard. He spent two decades in Washington, DC, where he worked on Capitol Hill in senior positions in the U.S. Senate and House.


Lisa-Marie Hatcher

Lisa-Marie has expertise in account management and sales. She worked in the public sector at the U.S. Department of Defense and in the private sector in both pharmaceutical sales and global finance.


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