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26 Storytelling Tips!

Business Storytelling

Yeah, I'm Thankful. Scratch that Baby, I'm Grateful.

communicate4IMPACT, November 21 2021

IMAGE SOURCE: March 1959 Ad created by David Ogilvy What comes to your mind when you hear the word gratitude? Probably things like being appreciative or not taking things for granted. Here’s a dictionary definition of gratitude: “the quality of being grateful.” In this brief Thanksgiving post, we’ll show you how gratitude plays a key role in busine...

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Business Storytelling

Lincoln, Gettysburg, and Storytelling

Douglass Hatcher, November 19 2021

As you probably know, Lincoln was a lawyer by profession and really a country lawyer at that. He travelled a circuit in his home state of Illinois. He was widely known for his homespun humor and good stories.During Lincoln’s presidency, however, it was difficult to find humor in much of anything as the United States plunged into Civil War. But Linc...

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Business Storytelling

11 Business Storytelling Insights

Douglass and Lisa-Marie Hatcher, April 29 2021

Below are 11 insights 💡 we've shared over the years in our business storytelling workshops. Any favorites? Let us know in the comments. 👇 1️⃣  If data is the new oil, then the stories we tell are the new refineries that convert raw data into something meaningful, useful, and valuable.

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The 3 StoryHacks You Need to Create Better Content Faster

communicate4IMPACT, April 27 2021

Many businesses struggle to create quality content quickly and consistently, often in response to changing environments. According to a HubSpot/Canva survey of executive marketers, "the main issues to reacting at speed are developing unique, creative content at a fast pace and adapting quickly to trends."

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Business Storytelling

Lebron James Empowers His Message with Story Structure

Douglass and Lisa-Marie Hatcher, April 23 2021

I saw this very personal Lebron James ad about hunger while watching TV last night. You've probably seen it. Understandably, the video clip isn't available. But below, I take through the script and show you an underlying structure that is instructive. The ad is a perfect example of how story structure can help drive home your message. It follows wh...

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The Day Earth Became a Verb

Douglass and Lisa-Marie Hatcher, April 22 2021

Five decades and one year ago today, a United States Senator named Gaylord Nelson put forth the idea that the Earth was something that needed its own agenda. The Earth needed a champion—a lobbyist, in effect, of its own. Below, you’ll find the partial text of remarks Senator Nelson delivered on that first Earth Day on April 22, 1970. In his speech...

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Business Storytelling

Fabl and communicate4IMPACT: Two Brands that Pair Well with Story

Fabl and C4I, March 2 2021

What is a content experience? We know that an experience of any kind has the potential of engaging all five senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. And when it comes to business content, the more senses that are engaged the better. One of the beauties of business storytelling is that it elevates content into sensory mode.

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My Student Interview With Alex Haley at Bowdoin College in 1984

Douglass Hatcher, February 26 2021

Forty-four years ago, at the beginning of 1977, an epic television mini-series aired on ABC. The series was Roots. Like many American families, my family was glued to our TV for eight straight nights. The cast was a who's who, cross-section of American actors, black and white. The story was at times hard to watch. But even at a young age, I knew th...

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Happy Birthday, George Washington!

Douglass Hatcher, February 22 2021

It was a year ago this month that Lisa-Marie Hatcher (my wife, co-founder, and co-author) and I published our first book, Win With Decency: How to Use Your Better Angels for Better Business. We take five human qualities that we generally associate with being a better person and show you how to transform those qualities into business skills that cr...

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Business Storytelling

Why Leadership Storytelling Matters

Douglass Hatcher, December 8 2020

Few tools humanize your company, brand, or products more than leadership storytelling. Done well, this key communications tool can breathe new life across your enterprise, creating emotional bonds within your teams as well as with your customers, establishing trust and credibility, and simplifying complex information. In this post, we’ll briefly to...

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